My Interview Experience at Innovaccer (SDE backend summer intern 2021)!

How I applied?

One day, while scrolling through LinkedIn, I saw a post on summer geeks by Innovaccer. This was posted by the University recruiter at Innovaccer. There was a google form that was supposed to be filled by the ones interested. So, without waiting for a second, I filled that form and uploaded my resume. After a few days, a mail from my college’s Training and Placement cell gave us the same information about summer geeks. But I had already filled up the form :P

The Online Assessment

So, here, a funny thing happened to me. Since I had more projects on frontend technologies, I had decided to apply for frontend. However, I wasn’t confident enough because my proficiency lies in data structures and algorithms. But fortunately a technical glitch turned into my favour. So, just when I tried opening the assessment, an unexpected problem occurred and it didn’t open. I called my friends and they complained about the same. After a couple of minutes we received a mail from Innovaccer that they are facing some technical issues and asked us to kindly wait. But, my friends suggested, why not to explore the backend assessment for the time being. And that was a reallyyyy good idea (because that got me the offer xD)!

  1. Simple implementation-based question
  2. Again an easy one where you needed to keep a track of the maximum element while traversing the array
  3. A medium DP question similar to:
  4. Finally there was a question on area of the largest rectangle inside a grid every time a horizontal or a vertical rod was removed similar to:

The Interview Call

The Interview Day

The Results

Things to keep in mind!

  1. Innovaccer focuses more on your projects and the related technologies. So, 2–3 good projects on ML, frontend and backend technologies will really be helpful while applying for internships. Also, be thorough with your resume and take care of every single word you’ve written because you simply can’t back off saying you don’t know about it as it’s on your resume after all.
  2. They focused a lot upon DBMS. So, be sure, you’ve prepared the whole theory well. You can go through GeeksforGeeks articles and watch knowledge gate’s playlist. I personally prepared the transactions’ part from this playlist.
  3. For the assessment, have a decent grip on the CS fundamentals. You can refer to GfG for that. Also, don’t forget to go through SQL once. W3Schools is a good deal. And then, for practising, you can solve HackerRank or top sql interview questions.
  4. Practise DS Algo from Leetcode and GfG. I have solved 500+ questions on Leetcode and 250+ questions on GfG. This knowledge helped me a lot even though, around the time of the recruitment process, I wasn’t coding actively.



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